Saturday, January 26, 2013

43 Kisses

Michael's Date Night

This is a very fun date that we got from We've done this one before, shortly after we got married. We enjoyed it so much we thought we'd do it again (I promise I do more than just recycle old dates!) It's a great way to mix things up and try out new ways to kiss.

Go to and print out the cutouts PDF. You can either go through the 43 different kisses in order, like we did last time, or you can cut them out, put them in a hat, and take turns drawing them out, like we did this time.

Kisses in a hat
Since we don't drink, we skipped the Liqueur Kiss, so we really only had 42 kisses. Some of our favorites were the Frog Kiss, the Mystery Kiss, and the Lady and the Tramp Kiss.

Meet in the middle
 You need a few supplies for this date. There's some flexibility in what you use, as the instructions for the relevant kisses say. We decided to use candy for all of them, cause it's sweet! You can look at the descriptions and decide what you want to use.

Ingredients for the Mystery, Candy, Flavored, Fireworks, and Lady and the Tramp Kisses

 Total cost for this date: $3.58 for the candy


  1. It's sounds fun; I hope I am not too old for this one.
    Happy I stopped by for a moment.